What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Measuring sustainable progress with proprietary algorithm, for the benefit of our future generations.

Intergenerational Sustainability Dilemma (ISD)

Our method can be used to mitigate the negative impact from unintended consequences which may lead to Intergenerational inequity of natural resources. The latest data shows a steady increase in our current generation's choices to act in their own interests with little consideration for future generations.

Where Social Benefit Exceeds Private Benefit

By accounting for the costs borne by society as a whole to repair or control pollution and poverty, eco-i balances negative and positive environmental impact. Our method includes deeper insights from comprehensive research of environmental impact patterns.

Enhanced Experience 

Data science is leveraged to enable sustainable development, Key Performance Indicators, operational metrics, dashboard customization,

integration, and specialty reports.

Technology For
Future Generations 

Eco-Impact snapshots, progress, and value multiplier , enable sustainable innovations. Accounting for negative and positive social and environmental impacts. Minimizing unintended consequences on future genertaions


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Graduate student's dream

While completing the final semester of graduate school, and working as a full-time meteorologist, eco-i Founder, Erika Martin, began researching the environmental impact and social costs of our environmental impact.



From dream to reality

Reality included;: business entity, brand identity, intellectual property protection, applying for patents, trademarks, creating a business plan, joining accelerators, and finding advisors as well as engineers who understand sustainability.

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